Here are some resources for helping to streamline the organisation of your accounts.

The Accounts
Here is a copy of the spreadsheet I use to account for the money from the Ministry

Your Salary
If you are paid through the teacher salaries on your normal scale with units to top you up, be aware of your salary going up when you reach your anniversary for a pay rise. I didn't notice this at first and was being paid too much and then had to refund this back to the cluster. Unfortunately, this was minus the tax and retirement funds that had gone out before I saw the money so the cluster accounts had to wear the difference. You need to adjust your units before your anniversary date to keep your pay at the agreed to amount.

Invoicing from the Schools
We agreed to a set price for reliever days in each of the schools. I have all the dates in my calendar so I find it easy to generate the invoices for the schools to use to claim from the cluster. Then all the schools have to do is fill in the GST number and school MOE number and return it to my base school to get their payout. Below is an example invoice.

link.jpg Link to ICT PD Contract Administration Handbook and Appendices support material in relation to budgets, invoice forms and finance resources/templates.