Inquiry teaching seems to go hand in hand with a lot of development around clusters. Add any resources you have about inquiry to this page.

link.jpg Inquiry Learning as a Disposition - This folder in ICT PD Online is a resource bank based on a series of National workshops run in 2007 by the NSSF team. The theme address the dissemination of what Inquiry learning might mean. It will ask... What kind of learners do we want? What are we doing already? What kind of learning dispositions do we need to consider? What is powerful learning? What is powerful to learn? What is the difference between knowledge/information? What is the difference between topic/rich tasks?

link.jpg Effective Pedagogy is one of the main five areas to consider when designing a new school curriculum. This page links to a ICT PD Curriculum wiki developed by the NSSF team (2007) to discuss resources, ideas and theories around the area of effective pedagogy and in particular, Inquiry Learning. There are links primarily to resources developed and shared by Sharon Friesen and Galileo. Very powerful resources and templates etc.