There are some free (or very cheap) tools online that make information and data gathering MUCH easier. This is useful for reporting to the Ministry and is useful for workshop evaluations and for electronic registrations for Expos. There are a large number of ways to use these two tools below. There are other similar tools around so feel free to add in details of these as well.

Survey Monkey

This is my survey tool of choice for my ICT cluster. The only thing about it that I don't like is that I can't embed my survey onto a wiki or blog. Otherwise, it is fabulous! If you want a quick overview, from their site, this tutorial would be a good first port of call. There is also a PDF manual to download. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is get familiar with the different types of questions you can include and get designing.

Zoho Creator

I use this form tool for collecting responses into an online spreadsheet that I can then download into Excel. I am using this at the moment for collecting workshop submissions for the Expo and later will use it to have people sign up for the workshops they want to attend. The cool thing about using it for electronic registrations is that you can script the form so that if people choose a workshop where the maximum number of participants has already been reached, the form will tell them they have to choose again. You can see examples of Zoho Creator on this wiki for our cluster expo . You can embed these forms on wikis and blogs and it is completely free!! To find out how to do the scripting in the example of the workshop registrations, read this forum entry and this one where the Zoho team basically wrote the scripts for me. If you don't need to have limits on entries etc, the process if very simple. There is a help section here and a useful three minute video to get started with here. Below is a slightly tongue in cheek form for you to fill in.

Additional information and resources for data collection can be found @