Here are a couple of resources and presentations based around how to be a great presenter. Please add any you have as well.

  • If you do use PowerPoint - and there is no reason why you shouldn't every now and then - make sure it is really VERY GOOD. That means quality control: critique your work in the same lighting and room size that you will be presenting in. Have another facilitator or trusted colleague critique as well. We all know the "Death by PowerPoint" scenario, so there's no excuse for opening yourself to criticism or undermining your credentials in this way.
  • Play with the pens available in PowerPoint for to bring an interactive element to your presentation.
  • Use software other than PowerPoint. There's a host of stuff available. I have used Umajin, Producer (a presentation variant of PowerPoint), Windows Movie Maker, PhotoStory, Comic Life, IWB software, Word, Publisher and so on. If the activity you are growing uses a particular piece of software, your presentation should clearly demonstrate the potential that software has.
  • With whatever software you use, be fussy about checking that your hyperlinks work in the presentation scenario.
  • Web reliability is variable, especially when you are trying to hook your laptop onto someone else's network. Wireless cards are great - and there is good argument to be made that one of these should be part of your Facilitator work kit - but access to good signal can vary too. If web sites are essential to your presentation, ensure you can at least bring up the images from cache or file storage if you can get signal.
  • Images and video are essential. Better still, make sure that they are superb images and that the video is easy to view and hear.
  • Have fun! Laugh! Even when it goes wrong, laugh! You are modeling. Yes, things go wrong, "So here's what I'm going to do..."
  • Relevance: know your audience, set their expectations with good pre-activity information, link with the Lead Teacher to find contextual focus, do everything you can to ensure that when the participants leave the room, they will have something they can use tomorrow!