What great resources have you made that others can use? Upload them to this wiki so we can all have access to them.
Check out Sara Taylor's wiki for a large number of high quality handouts on a range of ICT topics.

Microsoft Office

Simple Powerpoint Instructions -
Table in Word -
Here's how to quickly prepare a Cloze Word drill in Word: a few seconds work:
Making Lists? Here's some gen:

Other PC Software

PhotoStory 3 Instructions (again downloaded from the web and not mine) -

Mac iLife

Podcasting in Garageband (a single page explaining interface) -

Online Tools and Web 2.0

VoiceThread Instructions -
Searching with Google -
How to Use Blogger (not written by me but originally downloaded from web) -


How to set up your Podcast on Podomatic -
Role cards to use with students/teachers when exploring podcasts -


How to get started with moodle -