This page is to create a database of other facilitators who we can get in contact with and support each other. It had become a little messy so I have tidied it up and put people in alphabetical order by first name to try and make it easier to locate people. If you want to add your details, put them below the table and I will then move them into the correct place alphabetically.
Facilitator role/ experience
Contact details and web links
Availability for additional work
Alistair Banks
Facilitator, Otakou Cluster in Dunedin.
email - alistairbanks@tahuna.school.nz

Allanah King
Facilitator- Link Learning Regional cluster 2010-11 Nelson
Blog- Life is not a race
Podcast- Appleby Showcase
Email- allanahk@hotmail.com
Podcasting Wiki- Wikispaces
Skype- AllanahK
Twitter- AllanahK

Amanda O'Connell
eFacilitator: The Correspondence School - Future Pathways Cluster
Email: amanda.oconnell@correspondence.school.nz
blog: http://www.tkat-amanda.blogspot.com/
wiki: under construction
Skype: efacilitator

Andrew Robertson
Facilitator/Project Director - Horizon Cluster, Christchurch
email: andrew.robertson@unlimited.school.nz
cluster ning: http://horizonictpd.ning.com/

Andrew Thompson
Facilitator: Stoke School; Whakatu Cluster
Email: andrewt@stoke.school.nz

Angie Simmons
Facilitator Auckland Central Cluster
email: graham.angie@slingshot.co.nz
Wiki: http://ictclassroom.wikispaces.com
Blog: http://angiesimmons.blogspot.com
Faves: http://del.icio.us/angiesimmons
Podcast: http://ictangie.podomatic.com

Barbara Wenn
Facilitator X-Roads Cluster (Waikato)
Email: barbara@ohaupo.school.nz
Cluster Wiki: xroads.wikispaces.com
Skype: barbara.wenn

Belinda Johnston
Facilitator/Project Director - eastnet Cluster
email: belinda@elmpark.school.nz
cluster wiki: http://eastnet.wikispaces.com/
skype: belindajohnston
twitter: belindajohnston

Beth Lamb
Facilitator Whangarei Area Cluster.

Danny Bedingfield
Facilitator Ashburton Cluster 2nd year
Aoraki Rural Cluster 1st year.
email: danny@etime.co.nz
Wiki http://danetime.wikispaces.com
skype: thebedingfields

Deidre Senior
Facilitator AVRACS Cluster, North Otago
Blog: www.mylittlespace.edublogs.org
Wiki: www.deidre.wikispaces.com
Skype: MrsS01
Conference Wiki: www.waitakiconference.wikispaces.com
Cluster Site: **http://centre4.interact.ac.nz/spaces/space.php?space_key=471**
Cluster Wiki: (Post ICTPD Cluster) http://avracsict.wikispaces.com
School Blog: www.oamaruint.edublogs.org

Eric Martini
Facilitator West Coast
Email: emartini@karoro.co.nz
Blog: http://ictwestcoast.ac.nz/

Fiona Grant
Facilitator - Central North Shore ICT PD Cluster, Auckland
eLearning Team Leader
Team Solutions, Faculty of Education, UoA

eMail f.grant@auckland.ac.nz
Blog: VirtualNorth
Wiki: CentralNorthShore
Team Blog: ICTinEnglish

Phone: 09 623 8880 ext: 48434
Mob: 0274 952642
skype: fionagrantnz
twitter: fionagrant

Heath Sawyer
Facilitator: Matamata District Schools
Email: heath.sawyer@gmail.com
wiki: lovelearning.wetpaint.com
blog: http://ict-you-and-me.blogspot.com/
Skype: quartarmaine
heheboy = Twitter, Diigo, Delicious

Iain Cook-Bonney
Facilitator Hills ICTPD Cluster in Dunedin
email: iain_b@xtra.co.nz
Skype: iain_cb
Site: http://centre4.interact.ac.nz/hills

Innes Kennard
ICT adviser VUW and part time facilitator

James Rasmussen
Facilitator Wel.net cluster.

Jan Thomas
Facilitator I Can We Can cluster
Cluster blog: icwcclusterblog.blogspot.com
Cluster wiki: icwc.wikispaces.com

Jane Nicholls
Facilitator - Otepoti Cluster Dunedin
Online Liaison NZ Curriculum Online - CORE Education Ltd
email: jane.nicholls@core-ed.net
Skype: janenicholls1
blog: http://ictucan.blogspot.com
podcasting wiki: http://ictucan.wikispaces.com
podcast: http://www.ictucan.podomatic.com

Jeanette Murphy
Facilitator of e-Learning for PeaK-ICT
Kawerau Schools, 2009-2011
Cluster Wiki
Personal Blog

Jenny Craig
Facilitator Southern Connections Cluster (Southland)
cluster wikispace: southernconnections.wikispaces.com

Judi Buckley
Facilitator - Waimarino Cluster
Cluster Wiki: Waimarino Wiki
Personal Blog: Judespace
Skype:judi buckley
Email: jbuckley@bellevue.school/nz

Lenva Shearing
Facilitator Bucklands Beach Cluster - East Auckland
email - lenva@bbi.school.nz
skype - lenvash
twitter - lenva
personal blog - Reaching Out
cluster blog - bucklandsbeach.blogspot.com
cluster wiki - bucklandsbeach.wikispaces.com

Lyn Ross
Facilitator - Te Apiti ICT Cluster, Palmerston North
Te Apiti ICT Cluster (2010 -)
eBest ICT Cluster (2008 - 2009)
Wanganui ICT Cluster (2005- 2007)
email: lynrossnz@gmail.com
txt: 027 2299165

Martin Hughes
ICT PD Facilitator
CentreNet Cluster
email: martin.hughes@orcon.net.nz
Cellphone 021 2228364
Blog/Wiki - just not that sophisticated yet!
Skype: fidel579

Megan Feller
eTime Facilitator - Te Waihora Cluster (Christchurch)
e megan@etime.co.nz
s Megan - eTime

Lorraine Watchorn
Facilitator: Rotorua East Lakes Learning Community (RELLCO)
Email - LEWatchorn@wave.co.nz
Personal blog
Cluster wiki

Pania McVay-Stewart
Facilitator-Thinknet cluster
Email- pania@vodafone.net.nz
Skype- paniamc
Cluster site-http://centre4.interact.ac.nz/spaces/space.php?space_key=1656

Paula Jamieson
(as at 2012)
Facilitator: Rotorua Town and Country ICTPD Cluster and RCICT Cluster
Digital Footprint:
Cluster Sharing Space:
Work Email: paulaictpd@gmail.com

Pete Potter
Facilitator: TimNet ICTPD Cluster (Timaru)
email: ppotter@timarugirls.school.nz
Cluster wiki: Timnet.wikispaces.com

Peter Sim
Facilitator-SEOnet Cluster (Eastern Auckland)
Email: p.sim@sanctamaria.school.nz
Cluster Site: http://centre4.interact.ac.nz/seonet

Richard van Dijk
Facilitator- Katmat Cluster
Blog- Tek
Email- rbvandijk@gmail.com
Skype- rbvandijk
iChat- rbvandijk3
Faves- http://del.icio.us/rbvandijk

Rochelle Williams
Facilitator Reporoa Valley Schools Cluster and EHSAS STePS Cluster

Sara Taylor
Previous facilitator of MIC - Manawatu ICTPD Cluster (now overseas)
Cluster Website

Sarah Dickson
Facilitator, Otakou Cluster in Dunedin.
email - sarahdickson@tahuna.school.nz
Wiki - http://otakouictpdcluster.wikispaces.com/
Site - http://centre4.interact.ac.nz/otakou

Suzie Vesper
Previous facilitator Petone Foreshore Cluster in Wellington. Current national ICT facilitator for CORE.
Skype - suzcorey
iChat - suzievesper (aim)

Tessa Gray
ICTPD National Facilitator CORE Education Ltd
e-mail: tessa.gray@core-ed.net
Tessa Gray's Home Page
Skype: tessagray

Warren Grieve
ICT Facilitator/ Director Medbury School. Christchurch 2001-2011
email: warren.grieve@medbury.school.nz
Twitter: icewazza

Yaron Overeem
Facilitator: Whangarei South ICT PD Cluster
Email: ict@maungatapere.school.nz
Wiki: www.ictpdcluster.wikispaces.com
Skype: yovereem

Toni Twiss
Facilitator: Matamata College
Email: toni.twiss@gmail.com
wiki: secondarytools.pbwiki.com
blog: www.tonitwiss.com/mobile
Skype: toni.twiss

Karen Mills
Facilitator: iTeam Tauranga Cluster
Email: karenm@tauranga-int.school.nz
Wiki: http://iteamtauranga.wikispaces.com/

Sarah Gibbs
Facilitator: ICT2LRN Invercargill
Email: sarahgibbs@clear.net.nz
Wiki: ict2lrnwaihopai.wikispaces.com
am now on maternity leave this year (2011) but would love to be kept up to date all the same!
Jan Coleman
Making Connections- Linking Digitally Cluster,
- X Wellington/Hutt Valley
Email: jan.coleman1@yahoo.co.nz
Wiki: http://makingconnections-linkingdigitally.wikispaces.com/

New facilitators - add your details below. Remember to include name, role and email as well as any links to blogs, wikis or websites you are involved with. You can also include your username for Skype, ichat, Twitter, Delicious or Diigo etc

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